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East Kilbride East Kilbride train line set for seating boost - but commuters will have to wait The announcement has been welcomed, despite the upgrade to six carriages coming later this year. Who's Next featured Daltrey and Townshend sharing the lead vocals on several songs, and biographer Dave Marsh considers the contrast between Daltrey's strong, guttural baritone and Townshend's higher and gentler tenor to be one of the album's highlights.

Daltrey's voice is negatively affected by marijuana smoke, to which he says he is allergic. On 20 May , during a Who concert at Nassau Coliseum , he smelled a joint burning and told the smoker to put it out or "the show will be over".

The fan obliged, without taking Pete Townshend's advice that "the quickest way" to extinguish a joint is "up your fucking arse". Townshend considered himself less technical than guitarists such as Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck and wanted to stand out visually instead.

His rhythm playing frequently used seventh chords and suspended fourths , [] and he is associated with the power chord , an easy-to-finger chord built from the root and fifth [50] that has since become a fundamental part of the rock guitar vocabulary.

In the group's early career, Townshend favoured Rickenbacker guitars as they allowed him to fret rhythm guitar chords easily and move the neck back and forwards to create vibrato. A distinctive part of the original band's sound was Entwistle's lead bass playing, while Townshend concentrated on rhythm and chords.

Moon further strengthened the reversal of traditional rock instrumentation by playing lead parts on his drums. He avoided the hi-hat , and concentrated on a mix of tom rolls and cymbals. Jones' drumming style was in sharp contrast to Moon's. The Who were initially enthusiastic about working with a completely different drummer, [] though Townshend later stated, "we've never really been able to replace Keith.

Starkey has been praised for his playing style which echoes Moon's without being a copy. Townshend focused on writing meaningful lyrics [] inspired by Bob Dylan , whose words dealt with subjects other than boy—girl relationships that were common in rock music; in contrast to Dylan's intellectualism, Townshend believed his lyrics should be about things kids could relate to.

Entwistle's songs, by contrast, typically feature black humour and darker themes. The Who are perceived as having had a poor working relationship. In the original band, Sandom had been the peacemaker and settled disputes. Moon, by contrast, was as volatile as Daltrey and Townshend. Entwistle was too passive to become involved in arguments. The only genuine friendship in the Who during the s was between Entwistle and Moon.

The pair enjoyed each other's sense of humour and shared a fondness for clubbing. Journalist Richard Green noted a "chemistry of playfullness that would go beyond playfullness".

The group regularly argued in the press, [] though Townshend said disputes were amplified in print and the group simply found it difficult to agree on things. Entwistle's death came as a shock to both Townshend and Daltrey, and caused them to re-evaluate their relationship. Townshend has said that he and Daltrey have since become close friends. The Who are one of the most influential rock bands of the 20th century.

The group's contributions to rock include the power chord , [] windmill strum [] and the use of non-musical instrument noise such as feedback. Pink Floyd began to use feedback from their early shows in , inspired by the Who, whom they considered a formative influence.

The loud volume of the band's live show influenced the approach of hard rock and heavy metal. The Who have inspired many tribute bands; Daltrey has endorsed the Whodlums , who raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. During the Who's hiatuses in the s and 90s, Townshend developed his skills as a music publisher to be financially successful from the Who without recording or touring.

He countered criticism of "selling out" by saying that licensing the songs to other media allows a wider exposure and widens the group's appeal. NY , and CSI: Rock-orientated films such as Almost Famous , [] School of Rock [] and Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny refer to the band and feature their songs, [] and other films have used the band's material in their soundtracks, including Apollo 13 which used "I Can See For Miles" [] and Austin Powers: The Who have received many awards and accolades from the music industry for their recordings and their influence.

The band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in where their display describes them as "prime contenders, in the minds of many, for the title of World's Greatest Rock Band", [] [] and the UK Music Hall of Fame in Edit Read in another language The Who.

The Who, Left to right: Rock hard rock power pop. Universal Republic Geffen Atco. Roger Daltrey Pete Townshend. Brief sample from the song "My Generation".

The Who concert disaster. The Who's musical equipment. Brief sample from the song "Won't Get Fooled Again". The closing section of "Won't Get Fooled Again" merges Townshend's synthesised organ with power chords, Moon's drum fills and "the greatest scream of a career". Brief sample from the song "Pinball Wizard".

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The Space Between the Notes: Rock and the Counter-Culture. The Who In The Sixties. The Who at Wikipedia's sister projects. Retrieved from " https: The Detours The High Numbers. Problems playing this file? Brief sample from the song "Won't Get Fooled Again" The closing section of "Won't Get Fooled Again" merges Townshend's synthesised organ with power chords, Moon's drum fills and "the greatest scream of a career". Brief sample from the song "Pinball Wizard" The opening of "Pinball Wizard" shows Townshend's acoustic guitar, with a flamenco influence.