USD/INR real time chart

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Live and history US dollar to Indian Rupee exchange rates chart. By Indrajit Mukherjee on July 24, Firstly, the article will cover a brief description of What Future Trading is and Where do you get proper Signals to Identify market direction. Derivative market in India is increasingly gaining significance over the years, Futures and Options are an integral part of the financial derivative world.

We will describe Options derivative later, today we just concentrate on Future contract. Long back ago through agricultural commodities, Future trading had introduced. Basically, it is a legal agreement between buyers and sellers to buy or sell assets at a specific future date and price. These are available on various assets such as commodities, stocks, indices, currency Paris etc.

Here in this article, we will talk about currency pair future derivatives. In between futures and options, the only drawback of futures is the obligation. Foreign Exchange Future FX future or Currency Future is a legal currency exchangeable contract at a specified period of time in future.

These particular contracts allow investors to hedge against FX risk. Currency derivates are one of the centers of attraction in the Indian Market as the profit-making amount is quite high in terms of period. Therefore, in order to get a real-time buy-sell signal, you need to set your strategy first. Though these particular futures trading can make a lump sum amount of profit, the risk is also much higher than any other investment.

Hence, you need to be quite particular in choosing extry-exit times.