Konstantin von Haehling

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However, the young people fall in love on the spot, and soon devise a comic intrigue to extricate Sophie from her engagement. They accomplish this with help from the Marschallin, who then yields Octavian to the younger woman. Der Rosenkavalier premiered in in Dresden under the baton of Ernst von Schuch , who had previously conducted the premieres of Strauss's Feuersnot , Salome and Elektra ; Georg Toller was originally slated to produce the opera, but he backed out and was replaced by Max Reinhardt.

Soprano Margarethe Siems Strauss's first Chrysothemis sang the Marschallin, in a turn that would represent the pinnacle of her career, [7] while Minnie Nast portrayed Sophie and Eva von der Osten sang the breeches role of Octavian.

From the start, Der Rosenkavalier was nothing short of a triumph: Though some critics took issue with Strauss' anachronistic use of waltz music, the public embraced the opera unconditionally.

Rosenkavalier became Strauss' most popular opera during his lifetime and remains a staple of operatic repertoire today. Within two months of its premiere, the work was translated into Italian and performed at La Scala.

Thomas Beecham conducted the performance and the cast included Margarethe Siems as the Marschallin. The French premiere of the opera itself came in at the Palais Garnier in Paris on 11 February with conductor Philippe Gaubert. The cast included Germaine Lubin as Octavian. Other first productions at notable houses, opera festivals, and music ensembles include: According to Operabase , a total of performances of 58 productions in 44 cities have been given since January or are planned to be given in the next year or two.

Der Rosenkavalier is notable for its showcasing of the female voice, as its protagonists light lyric soprano Sophie, mezzo-soprano Octavian, and the mature dramatic soprano Marschallin are written to be portrayed by women, who share several duets as well as a trio at the opera's emotional climax.

Some singers have performed two or even all three of these roles over the course of their careers. Princess Marie Therese von Werdenberg known as the Marschallin, the title given to a Field Marshal's wife and her much younger lover, Count Octavian Rofrano, are lounging in bed together just before daybreak "Wie du warst! Loud voices are soon heard outside, and the Marschallin has Octavian hide, believing that her husband has returned early from a hunting trip.

Octavian emerges in a skirt and bonnet "Befehl'n fürstli' Gnad'n, i bin halt noch nit recht The Baron is newly engaged to Sophie Faninal "Selbstverständlich empfängt mich Ihro Gnaden" , the daughter of a wealthy merchant, though this does not keep him from making lewd comments at the disguised Octavian. Ochs has come to ask two favors: The Marschallin instructs "Mariandel" to fetch Octavian's miniature portrait and present it to the Baron.

Ochs easily accepts Octavian as his Rosenkavalier, deciding that the "maid" must be that young count's "bastard sister", then insists that the Marschallin allow "Mariandel" to come and work for his new bride. She refuses as politely as possible and finally dismisses the "maid".

A busy reception scene ensues as the room fills with vendors and supplicants to the Marschallin "Drei arme adelige Waisen" , who ignores the former and aids the latter.

A tenor sent by the Portuguese ambassador serenades her "Di rigori armato" while Ochs sits down with the notary. Two Italian intriguers, Valzacchi and Annina, present scandal sheets for sale, which the Marschallin coldly declines. Ochs tries to stipulate a gift from Sophie's family consisting of all their properties, free from mortgages, and quickly loses patience with the notary's attempts to explain that this is illegal. Amidst all the activity, the Marschallin remarks to her hairdresser: This so disturbs her that she orders the room to be emptied.

As the people file out, Valzacchi and Annina offer Baron Ochs their spying services. He asks whether they know anything about "Mariandel"; they promptly lie and claim to know all about her. The Marschallin, now alone, ponders her waning youth and the unhappiness of her forced marriage, perceiving the same in store for Sophie Faninal "Da geht er hin Octavian returns, dressed again in men's clothes "Ach, du bist wieder da". When he sees that the Marschallin is out of sorts, he assumes it is from her earlier fear that he might have been discovered.

But she is still thinking of the passage of time a clock is heard chiming thirteen times and tells him that, very soon, he will leave her for someone younger and prettier. Octavian reacts with frustration, and the Marschallin turns him away. Too late, she realizes that she has neglected to kiss him goodbye.

With nothing else to be done, she summons her young page, Mohammed, to take the silver rose to Octavian, then stares pensively into her hand mirror or similar as the curtain falls. Following tradition, Faninal departs before the Knight appears, saying that he will return with the bridegroom. Sophie prays to keep her sense of humility through all the rapid changes happening in her life, but she is repeatedly interrupted by her duenna , Marianne, who reports from the window on the Rosenkavalier's elaborate entourage "In dieser feierlichen Stunde der Prüfung".

Octavian arrives with great pomp, dressed all in silver, and presents the silver rose to Sophie "Mir ist die Ehre widerfahren She smells it, saying it is as sweet as a greeting from Heaven itself. Octavian, instantly smitten, joins her avowal that they will remember this moment until death.

They settle into a chaperoned conversation. Sophie reveals that she already knows Octavian's full name — Octavian Maria Ehrenreich Bonaventura Fernand Hyacinth Rofrano — from studying the catalogue of Austrian nobility to prepare for her marriage. She even knows his nickname: Quinquin, which only intimate friends including the Marschallin call him.

She adds that she likes him very much. Ochs then enters with Faninal "Jetzt aber kommt mein Herr Zukünftiger" and wastes no time revealing his character to the bride, loudly examining Sophie's body and comparing her to "an unbroken filly" when she protests. Once he leaves the room with Faninal to finalize the marriage contract, Sophie and Octavian quickly agree that she will not marry the Baron under any circumstances.

The young lovers' rapturous duet "Mit Ihren Augen voll Tränen" is soon interrupted by Valzacchi and Annina, who surprise them and call for Ochs. Octavian challenges the Baron to a duel. Ochs runs forward, scratches his arm on the point of Octavian's drawn sword, and screams so that Faninal and the rest of the household come rushing in. Sophie begs her father to call off the wedding, to no avail: Octavian is asked to leave, and Sophie is sent to her room. Ochs is left on the divan, his arm in a sling, nursing a bottle of port and fantasies of revenge against Octavian.

But Annina brings him something that raises his spirits much more quickly: At this, Ochs forgets his sling and waltzes across the stage, ignoring Annina's hints for a tip - and missing her quiet promise to get even "Da lieg' ich! Valzacchi and Annina, fed up with the Baron, help Octavian prepare a trap the following evening.

Elaborate preparations are seen in pantomime before Ochs arrives with "Mariandel," ready for a cozy dinner at a table set for two. In spite of himself, Ochs is disturbed by "Mariandel's" uncanny resemblance to his nemesis Octavian, and he keeps catching glimpses of strange apparitions in the room. Hire a foreign worker Find out how to hire temporary workers, live-in caregivers, international students, permanent workers and interns.

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