Logic Gate Simulator

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Web-based logic circuit simulator for people who want to build a computer from scratch.

Select gates from the dropdown list and click "add node" to add more gates. Drag from the hollow circles to the solid circles to make connections. Right click connections to delete them. See below for more detailed instructions. The demo above allows you to create sequences of logic gates to see how they behave when connected to various inputs and outputs.

For each of the logic gates, outputs are hollow circles, and inputs are solid circles. This is our way of differentiating between 0 off and 1 on. To add a new logic gate, or an additional input block, choose from the dropdown menu and then click "add node". The new node will be placed in the top left hand corner, and you can drag it to your desired position. To delete nodes, click the small cross in the top right corner of its enclosing box. To remove connections, you can click on the input solid circle and drag away and release, or alternatively you can right click anywhere on the connection.

The NOT gate is also known as an inverter because the output is the exact opposite of the input. It has one input and one output. Update properties sidebar with the grid type option. Update properties sidebar for page format and viewport options. Updated screenshot for Full-wave Rectifier with Smoothing Capacitor. Added new example diagrams. Update styling of zoom buttons on embed. Fixed missing page tab.

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