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What is business development for ecommerce? Business development is a somewhat-ambiguous term with a function and responsibility that varies from company to company. While the definition has been endlessly debated, the ultimate goal of business development is to find strategic opportunities that create long-term value.

I really look forward to supporting you as you develop and grow your thriving business.

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Business development is the business function and process of identifying potential good-fit customers and building a relationship between a company and a solution for .

I know that if I implement the rest of her suggestions, they also will expand my business! Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer was, and still is, a God send to my business…and her process also helped me to grow and focus personally! She is exceptionally easy to work with and her interest in helping where you need it is very heartfelt.

I highly recommend her and will continue to work with her myself! Behind every personal success story is a dedicated coach. Creating big-time success while working alone can be difficult. Online peer-level support groups of like-minded professionals can be helpful—but you also receive a lot of generic, one-size-fits-all solutions. To achieve your dreams and make your business the great success you know it can be, nothing compares to the support, attention and inspiration you receive from a personal coach.

I want to do more than just show you how to generate greater revenues. Make no doubt about. You need clear direction to grow a profitable, scalable business. You also need a sound business structure and a dynamic marketing plan. This is a critical area in which you want to invest in your business, instead of trying to do it yourself. Through extensive research and development I know exactly how a website should be designed and developed to generate real, sustainable results.

I really look forward to sharing this information with you! I see this a lot. To be a looked at as a real thought leader you have to constantly generate content that educates and empowers your following. You have to stick to a schedule through which you continually churn out valuable information for your crowd—because they want to hear from you.

Launching new products and programs is the live blood of your coaching business. If your list is responding well to your content, then they are ready and willing to buy your products and programs. Bottom line, executing your product and program creation plan is what makes you the go-to authority in your industry.

Today, being social media savvy is a make-or-break piece of the puzzle. It allows you to:. You will definitely feel as though you have a partner who takes the results you achieve very personally because I do! I respect all of my clients a great deal, and I am very involved and present in their work. Rather, my approach is real simple:. Many of my clients also choose to get a small block of time so I can help them implement my strategies and offer feedback along the way. I would really enjoy drawing it out of you and helping you build a profitable business with it.

I will inspire you and motivate you to move past your fears and beyond your comfort zone—in a loving way of course.

Skip to content Online Business Coaching Sessions. Hit your goals Take bigger and faster actions Get into productive routines Avoid procrastination, frustration and unproductive wondering Make no doubt about. It allows you to: This concern deals with the existence of proof in a transaction. A business must have assurance that the receiving party or purchaser cannot deny that a transaction has occurred, and this means having sufficient evidence to prove the transaction.

One way to address non-repudiation is using digital signatures. When certain electronic resources and information is limited to only a few authorized individuals, a business and its customers must have the assurance that no one else can access the systems or information. There are a variety of techniques to address this concern including firewalls, access privileges, user identification and authentication techniques such as passwords and digital certificates , Virtual Private Networks VPN , and much more.

This concern is specifically pertinent to a business' customers as certain information must be available when customers need it. Messages must be delivered in a reliable and timely fashion, and information must be stored and retrieved as required.

Because availability of service is important for all e-business websites, steps must be taken to prevent disruption of service by events such as power outages and damage to physical infrastructure. Examples to address this include data backup, fire-suppression systems, Uninterrupted Power Supply UPS systems, virus protection, as well as making sure that there is sufficient capacity to handle the demands posed by heavy network traffic. With each website custom crafted and maintained in code, the maintenance burden is enormous.

In the twenty-first century, look for new businesses that will help standardize the look and feel of the internet presence of a business to be more uniform in nature to help reduce the cost of maintenance. When it comes to security solutions, sustainable electronic business requires support for data integrity, strong authentication , and privacy. There are several different ways to prevent access to the data that is kept online. One way is to use anti-virus software.

This is something that most people use to protect their networks regardless of the data they have. E-businesses should use this because they can then be sure that the information sent and received to their system is clean. A firewall is used to restrict access to private networks, as well as public networks that a company may use. The firewall also has the ability to log attempts into the network and provide warnings as it is happening.

They are very beneficial to keep third-parties out of the network. Businesses that use Wi-Fi need to consider different forms of protection because these networks are easier for someone to access. They should look into protected access, virtual private networks, or internet protocol security. This system alerts when there are possible intrusions. Some companies set up traps or "hot spots" to attract people and are then able to know when someone is trying to hack into that area.

Encryption , which is actually a part of cryptography, involves transforming texts or messages into a code which is unreadable. These messages have to be decrypted in order to be understandable or usable for someone. There is a key that identifies the data to a certain person or company. With public key encryption, there are actually two keys used.

One is public and one is private. The public one is used for encryption, and the private for decryption. The level of the actual encryption can be adjusted and should be based on the information. The key can be just a simple slide of letters or a completely random mix-up of letters. This is relatively easy to implement because there is software that a company can purchase.

A company needs to be sure that their keys are registered with a certificate authority. The point of a digital certificate is to identify the owner of a document. This way the receiver knows that it is an authentic document. Companies can use these certificates in several different ways. They can be used as a replacement for user names and passwords. Each employee can be given these to access the documents that they need from wherever they are. These certificates also use encryption. They are a little more complicated than normal encryption however.

They actually used important information within the code. They do this in order to assure authenticity of the documents as well as confidentiality and data integrity which always accompany encryption. There can be complications when using different browsers, which means they need to use multiple certificates. The process is being adjusted so that it is easier to use. A final way to secure information online would be to use a digital signature.

If a document has a digital signature on it, no one else is able to edit the information without being detected. That way if it is edited, it may be adjusted for reliability after the fact.

In order to use a digital signature, one must use a combination of cryptography and a message digest. A message digest is used to give the document a unique value. That value is then encrypted with the sender's private key. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article provides insufficient context for those unfamiliar with the subject. Please help improve the article with a good introductory style. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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