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Work should start immediately Thank you. Normal First Freeze dates in the Lubbock area which is in the center of the map below.

2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Team Paint Schemes pages:

Awesome paint schemes from the three national NASCAR series.

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And you can see that breakthrough energy tech, which would radically lessen the need for oil, would be on the secrecy-do-not-release list. What else is on the list? Old Tesla patents, for example? The US Patent Office is an official chokepoint for the "planned society"or should we say the "restricted society. The patent applications, in suspended animation at the US Patent Office, can be quietly disclosed, for example, to government researchers engaged in black-budget projects, where the data and the research are turned to "other uses.

Getting trapped in limbo, while outright theft of their research occurs, is one of those risks. On the other hand, if a giant corporation has an invention that deploys the genetic engineering of food crops, and adds millions of tons of toxic pesticides to the environment, its patent application sails through review at the Patent Office.

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