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A final decision on couples housing may be delayed until 2 months prior to the time of service. Surely this was a case where dynamically talented Comic Writers were needed to add zing to rather ordinary lives. If you have questions, please contact our Technical Recruiter, Craig Sharver.

When you can give up your citizenship

The Crew Dentist can also assist by making minor adjustments to braces as long as the patient has clear directions from their orthodontist.

However, the Crew Dentist is not an orthodontist, so the overall treatment must be supervised by your own orthodontist. Yes, Registered Nurses are preferred for most nursing positions, but we do have opportunities for other licensed personnel. However, they must first join as an Anaesthetic Assistant.

Mercy Ships is a remote environment where supervision by a physician anaesthesiologist cannot be guaranteed at all times. CRNAs wishing to work as an Anaesthesia Provider must understand and agree to work in this situation and be able to take full responsibility for their actions.

CRNAs therefore are expected to apply for an Anaesthesia Assistant position in order for Mercy Ships to assess their comfort and skill level prior to joining as a Provider. Due to the complexities of our surgical cases, surgeons who have not previously served with Mercy Ships will be paired with an alumni as the primary surgeon for each case.

The surgical procedures performed most frequently are inguinal herniorrhaphies for large hernias and thyroidectomies. We unfortunately are not able to offer training in this area apart from our Medical Capacity Building program who train local surgeons. Mercy Ships requires at least 2 years of post-licensed experience before volunteering for most medical positions in the hospital. You must hold an active license in good standing in your home nation.

You will be asked to submit copies of your license, diploma, and relevant certificates. It will expedite the application process if you send these with your application. Upon acceptance, you may also be asked to submit a registration document in our host nation. Mercy Ships operates in a host country with a signed protocol in which the host government agrees to hold harmless all Mercy Ships staff and volunteer medical providers based on due diligence by Mercy Ships to provide qualified providers who work within their scope of practice.

As such, Mercy Ships does not provide or require malpractice insurance for volunteer medical workers except those who will be providing medical care to our crew i. Based on the orientation required and need for consistency, a minimum commitment is specified for each position. While it is easier for a member of the surgical team to come for only two weeks, ward nurses require a more extensive orientation and therefore come for a minimum of two months. Schedules vary depending on where you work.

Ward and ICU nurses work rotating shifts, which will include nights and weekends. Operating Room staff and other ship-based teams tend to work weekdays, day shifts. Some days may be long. Dental personnel, community health educators, eye field team members, mental health team members, and palliative care team members work off the ship Monday through Friday.

This means they are usually in a hot environment and wet during the rainy season. Nurses can expect to work approximately 10 shifts in every 2-week period.

You will usually receive one weekend off every two weeks. All shifts are 8 hours, including weekend shifts. You will work a mixture of day and evening shifts, with night shifts in a 4-week period. Night duty is expected of all ward nurses. Shift times are as follows:. You will care for patients of varying acuity on a day or evening shift.

On a night shift, you will care for approximately 10 patients. We have a busy surgical ward, so you will care for patients with simple incision lines and more complicated skin graft dressings, surgical drains, NG tubes, urinary catheters, IV fluids, IV antibiotics, nasopharyngeal airways and occasionally tracheostomies. When you arrive, you will be given the opportunity to tell us how comfortable you are with certain skills and this will be taken into consideration when you are allocated a patient assignment.

Scrubs are provided for those who are involved in direct patient care. You may choose to bring your own scrubs if you like a bit of personal style, etc. Mercy Ships launders the scrubs we provide. However you are responsible for laundering any personal scrubs. Mercy Ships International follows the World Health Organization recommendations for essential medicines and has had its own essential medicines formulary book with dosage guidelines since Both the Deck and Engineering departments technical crew consist of licensed and non-licensed crew members, depending on position.

For example, all officer and rating positions do require current certificates of seafarer training. Other positions on board, such as entry-level positions and skilled trades carpenters, welders, electricians, etc. This varies with the position. For licensed crew members, a valid certificate of competency is required, in addition to the other position-specific requirements as listed on the job descriptions.

We may be able to help you receive certain certifications through our Maritime Training Center. If you have questions, please contact our Technical Recruiter, Craig Sharver. Some national certificates are not recognized by the flag state of our vessels Malta. We will review your certificates during the application process.

That depends on your licensing or certifying administration. You will do best to consult with them on any restrictions or limitations they may impose. With regard to certificates, since we are required to follow merchant marine training and certificate standards, typically there is not a direct equivalent of your naval rating or commission.

However, we would be more than happy to discuss your specific skills and training to see if you may be a fit within our technical crew. Because of the international nature of our organization, we register our vessels in Malta, because it is one of the few flag states that place little restriction on the nationalities of the technical crew.

We comply with these and other international regulations, as surveyed and audited by member societies of the International Association of Classification Societies IACS. In addition to the international regulations, Malta, as a member of the European Union, imposes additional national regulations with which the ship must comply.

The typical month cycle of a Mercy Ships vessel is: Background checks or criminal record checks are required for certain positions, including the following:. Mercy Ships is able to begin reviewing applications as soon as all application items are submitted for the applicant.

Reviews can take anywhere from one week to several. Timing depends on several factors including necessity of interviews, application workload, and timing of the staffing period. Typically we do not conduct interviews for those applying to join for less than a year, though at times the supervisor on board may request one in an effort to better understand your previous work experience and suitability for the role, as well as provide you with details of the position and what you could expect if approved.

We may also conduct a brief interview if there are concerns regarding English language proficiency, as we require CEFR English Level B1 on board minimum.

Please refer here for more details. This will be reviewed along with any required credentials licenses, registrations, skills, etc. Once we verify you would qualify for the role, you will be approved for our Talent Pool or Pipeline. We do send regular updates to members of the Talent Pool, as well as contact them when their role becomes available on board whether through a last-minute cancellation or by normal staffing cycle.

If possible, applications should be sent in for processing at least 3 to 6 months in advance. For some positions and for some time periods, additional time is required. When applying to serve with Mercy Ships, two references are required; one from your pastor or spiritual leader and one from your employer.

Mercy Ships welcomes short term volunteers who would like to give of their time, efforts and expertise, regardless of religion.

Although the vast majority of our staff and volunteers are followers of Jesus, we will consider all applicants. However, all volunteers must have a lifestyle consistent with our Core Values and be willing to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Applications for service with Mercy Ships are accepted year-round. Processing usually takes weeks. Everything you need to know about applying for a Mercy Ships volunteer position can be found here. What kinds of positions are available? How long can I serve? What health or age restrictions apply? Are physically impaired people able to volunteer with Mercy Ships? What are the immunization requirements? We require several different inoculations for all crew members coming on board.

There are several highly recommended immunizations as well. Why is TB testing required before joining Mercy Ships? Does Mercy Ships cater to special diets? How much does it cost to serve with Mercy Ships? Can Mercy Ships help me raise funds? What security measures are in place? In accordance with the signed protocol with a host nation, its government is responsible for providing port security: Is proficiency in English required in Mercy Ships? Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.

Can deal with situations likely to arise while travelling in an area where the language is spoken. Can produce simple connected text on topics that are familiar or of personal interest.

Can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes, and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans. Is a foreign language required to serve in Mercy Ships? If I serve on one of the ships, will I be working with the local people? What do crew do after work? Where do crew come from? Where does the ship pick me up? Where can I get more information about volunteering with Mercy Ships?

Can non-married couples serve together on board? Can single parent families volunteer to serve onboard? How many children are on board? What are the advantages for children living on board? What are some of the disadvantages for children living on board? What is the Academy? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Academy? How long are the school days and how much homework do students have?

What is the average class size? There are typically six to eight students per class. How are the classes divided? What do kids do during the summer or when the Academy is closed? When are school breaks scheduled? What is there to do as a family on our off-time? What would our cabin be like and how big are the beds? What are the special rules for children? Are diapers available on board? Is there an orthodontist on board? What surgical procedures do you perform on board? Do I need to be a registered nurse?

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