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Diese Webseite benutzt Cookies. Corinna Leschke About me. And there goes your circle. In the past, Fedi, as he is affectionately called, was mainly involved in PR campaigns, where he was usually allowed to take on the creative and digital part. She is a true Taurus — hardly ever flustered, always structured and prepared to give advice.

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Weitere Informationen finden Sie in unseren Cookie-Richtlinien. Zurück zu den Suchergebnissen. Corporate Finance Auditor Corporate Title: You'll be joining The Group Audit GA team, which comprises over staff located in our four hub locations New York, London, Frankfurt, Singapore and 26 other countries across the globe.

The team prides itself in ensuring the highest standard in professional delivery. The function provides a systematic, disciplined approach to examine, evaluate and report objectively on the adequacy of both the design and operating effectiveness of the systems of internal control and the effectiveness of risk management and governance processes.

Diversity, inclusion and mutual respect are essential elements of who we are. These values define the working environment we strive to create - engaging, supportive and welcoming of different views. We believe innovation stems from intellectual curiosity alongside the right mix of skills and talents. She loves cooking and baking and is very happy to delight friends and colleagues with the hopefully! Getting out of bed relatively quickly and starting the day without stress. Sleeping in without any alarm , starting the day with a delicious breakfast and doing whatever you want afterwards.

The passionate tennis player belongs to the dying breed of people who still write their letters by hand. Therefore she hoards rough amounts of the most beautiful stationery and picks up even the most bizarre postcards. Born in the Rhineland with a Hessian gene pool, Michaela likes to combine opposites.

Sneakers and designer dresses, art and nature, motor sports and yoga. It can happen that a lock-keeper spontaneously tells her the story of East Frisia. But East Friesland was only a stopover on her way from Cologne to Berlin — and Berlin has so many exciting stories to tell. Sitting on the balcony in the sun with a strong coffee or mint tea and slowly getting started. Adding some chilled music and a small breakfast.

Okay, the latter is the plan. Actually, the baker next door already knows my name. Born in Castrop-Rauxel, Sebastian lost his heart to Italy early — the fascination for contrasts has always accompanied him. He feels just as at home on the south stand in Dortmund as he does in modern ballet, likes beer at the night shop as much as Negroni on the piazza.

Consequently, he has now made Kreuzberg the centre of his life and, after five years of promotion, exchanged the Italian Baroque for the digital avant-garde. Back to bed with the first coffee, checking the world events on my mobile phone, then getting the second coffee and being spoken to as little as possible until then.

As an absolute plant lover, Dalyn tends to speak more to her green sprouts than to other humans. In her bedroom, tendrils are wrapping themselves around her bookshelf and visually combine her two passions: However, she also loves video games and diligently collects bad jokes, because you never know when you could need one of them. Waking up without alarm clock and enjoying the sun on the balcony with Vietnamese coffee and an avocado bread. As a Hanoverian, Federico is characterized above all by composure.

With the necessary calm he tries not to let himself be infected by the hustle and bustle of the capital — which he usually succeeds in doing. In the past, Fedi, as he is affectionately called, was mainly involved in PR campaigns, where he was usually allowed to take on the creative and digital part. For him, being creative is one of the most important things in life, which manifests itself not only in his job but also in his music.

Getting up early, but still well rested. Putting on sports shoes and walking the dog for half an hour. On the way back, some healthy shopping and having an abundant breakfast.

I neither get up early nor do I do sports or have a dog. But I am perfect at having an abundant breakfast while browsing the Netflix originals. That guarantees a comfortable start into the day. Anna knows PR-agencies from scratch. Before she decided to live permanently in beautifully rough Berlin, she used to live in snobby Hamburg. Being a woman of many interests, she loves fashion, beauty and lifestyle equally as everything related to technics, nature and science.

Being a strong advocate for sustainability, she is happy to teach you how to prepare a super easy selfmade ecological kitchen cleaner. Nearly unimpressed by the general euphoria caused by her presence in the office, Buffy prefers to take a nap in her elegently designed residence consisting of a huge dog bed and cowhide. As agency dog, she is defintely far more creative than others of her kind and she is easily thrilled by everything which can be kicked through the office by the foot of her choice.

Kicking Julia out of bed at 5. Chasing my collection for a while, having a snack and heading back to bed. As experienced and successful Petfluencer, Mila is the perfect fit for our agency. We offer innovative communication strategies for players in the digital economy. Clients value our creative approach to PR and marketing, our professional project management, and our widespread network.

Our clients benefit from our profound, strategic consulting expertise. We develop communication concepts, know and understand the media landscape and capture the full range of PR activities to make people and brands visible. Special communication fields such as executive positioning, change management, or employer branding require sure instincts — we bring those to the table.

Whether it is Facebook, a blog or LinkedIn — we take care of your social-media presence. We inspire consumer engagement and create relevant content, we develop corporate guidelines and cross-channel editorial plans that are tailored to each channel.

Blogger relations and influencer marketing are as much a part of our work as community management and interaction. Are you looking for modern marketing concepts with a focus on content marketing, social media and events with that extra creative touch? Are you in need for a new impulse on how to engage with your customer and make a lasting impression in the long term? We integrate customized marketing solutions into your overall communication concept, consult and coordinate anything from localizing your website, image videos or guerrilla marketing.

We help you conceptualize effective B2C and B2B events. That includes anything from developing consumer-driven guerrilla marketing campaigns to managing the process of planning, implementation and location scouting for exclusive C-level events up to major projects at international trade fairs.

In all of this we also handle agenda setting, invitation and guest management, manage service providers and give on-site support. We specialize in the digital economy and have a wealth of experience in technology, digital advertising, insurtec and healthtec. Core topics we handle in our daily work include the disruption of conventional industries, media and markets. We are committed to providing the best possbile service to our clients and we do so with a passion and enthusiasm for our work, profound, strategic consulting as well as individually tailored communication concepts to the needs of the client.

Since , our clients rely on our expertise in RTB, data management, and every aspect of the customer journey. Our network in this market is outstanding. Online shopping is undergoing constant change to offer customers the best possible buying experience. Chatbots and AI help bring this to a new level and will shape the future of online shopping. Digital products and services in banking and finance are not just an option; they have become a must.

Established institutes need to rethink and digitalize their business processes. At the same time, a swarm of start-ups are finding their way onto the market and are fast developing innovative technologies. We help you with our experience, our expertise, and our network.

Start-ups are revolutionizing the insurance industry, creating new, disruptive products. Our know-how supports you in your strategic communication and with the operational implementation of customized PR and marketing activities. Whether it is e-health, healthtech or healthcare: New digital products, flexible services and innovative applications — whatever you have to offer, we have the right communication.

Innovative software and web-based services for online learning, e-publishing and knowledge platforms: We cover all industries, while specifically addressing relevant target groups. For B2C and B2B. AI and IoT are the major topics for the future, and they are changing our everyday lives even now. We help you make sure that your company is not just one of the many, but a leading player in the market. The media landscape is changing, the economy and media consumption are in a state of upheaval.

How will communication look in the future? How will we stay up to date with the news? We take care of your messages, think outside the box — and always digital. Julia Schoessler Managing Director. Jasmine Borhan Founder J. Curran Software and Internet Entrepreneur. Michael Rubenstein President AppNexus.

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