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This is because the order is platform based (specific to your PC) and not stored on the Pip Index server. If you close your platform.

The platform can be accessed by typing in the website address on the More information. Most likely you are able to download from https source through your browser Download your module file mysql-connector-python If you're using S3, one easy option is to store it at upload time as S3 metadata.

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dumb-pypi. dumb-pypi is a simple read-only PyPI index server generator, backed entirely by static files. It is ideal for internal use by organizations that have a bunch .

You should also know a URL to access these packages if you serve them from the same host as the index, it can be a relative URL. For example, it might be https: The built index will be in my-built-index. It's now up to you to figure out how to serve that with a webserver nginx is a good option — details below!

You can extend the capabilities of your registry using the extended JSON input syntax when providing your package list to dumb-pypi. Instead of using the format listed above of one filename per line, format your file with one JSON object per line, like this:.

The filename key is required. All other keys are optional and will be used to provide additional information in your generated repository. This extended information can be useful to determine, for example, who uploaded a package. Most of this information is useful in the web UI by humans, not by pip. Where should you get information about the hash, uploader, etc?

That's up to you—dumb-pypi isn't in the business of storing or calculating this data. If you're using S3, one easy option is to store it at upload time as S3 metadata. In particular, if you want to support old pip versions, you need to apply this logic to package names taken from PEP When running pip, pass -i https: To get started, run make venv and then. You should now have a dumb-pypi command on your path using your checked-out version of the code.

To run the tests, call make test. Reddit filters them out, so your post or comment will be lost. Running a pypi server that builds the dependencies before returning the pip request? I work on embedded devices and want to run an ArmV6 and V7 so I can test packages without compiling on the much weaker client devices.

In my experience, wheels are created on a build machine before publishing to the index server, still before they reach the weaker client devices. Is there a reason that won't work? I was wondering if there was a turn-key solution for dynamic pip builds. I ran into the same issue. Thus, it ignores any pip-related environment variables you set.

Rather than use python setup. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Make your voice heard. Take the Developer Survey now. What am I missing? It looks like this was partially answered by stackoverflow.

And I finally found the culprit. Once I created this file on the new servers, my deployments worked again. Thanks for the info.