It recognizes all major patterns. Bermaui Deviation Percent by Muhammad Elbermawi. Blahtech Fisher Transform indicator is an oscillator that displays overbought and oversold locations on the chart. Blahtech Daily Range indicator displays the average daily range alongside the individual session ranges. Watch the Market tutorial videos on YouTube.

Why do round number levels work?

Der Mittelwert, nehmen wir mal einen gleitenden Durchschnitt des Goldpreises, beträgt am Tag der Berechnung Dollar. Der entsprechende Indikator liefert uns den Wert Rund 14 Tage innerhalb der Betrachtungsspanne lag der Goldpreis innerhalb dieser einfachen Standardabweichung.

Und mit drei multipliziert sagt uns die Statistik, dass rund gerechnet alle Tage, also 20, einen Goldpreis von wenigstens und maximal Dollar aufwiesen. Damit haben wir den Filter gefunden, der uns hilft, Handelssignale etwa von Stochastic, Momentum, von gleitenden Durchschnitten oder anderen beliebigen Signalgebern zu beurteilen. Wir berechnen zuerst zwei Variablen.

Eine enthält alle Werte, die an Tagen mit steigenden Kursen gemessen werden, an Tagen mit fallenden Kursen wird sie auf Null gesetzt. Die zweite Variable enthält alle Werte, die an Tagen mit fallenden Kursen festgestellt werden, an Tagen mit steigenden Kursen wird sie auf Null gesetzt.

Und nicht vergessen, die Werte, die wir in den Variablen unterbringen, sind die jeweils gemessenen Standardabweichungen, nicht die Kurse!!

Zunächst mal die Formel der Standardabweichung: Skript in Tradesignal importieren. Europäische Rohstoffdaten von ICE. Alle Kursinformationen sind nach den Bestimmungen der jeweiligen Börse mindestens 15 Minuten verzögert. If you want to place orders easier, faster and more intuitive? If you like to mark trade entry and exit points on charts? If you need to control the risk of each forex transaction?

If you want to save your time for manual calculations of position size, risk to reward ratio, amount of loss and profit in account currency? This tool is suitable for you! Supply Demand uses previous price action to identify potential imbalances between buyers and sellers. The key is to identify the better odds zones, not just the untouched ones. Blahtech Supply Demand indicator delivers functionality previously unavailable on any trading platform.

This 4-in-1 indicator not only highlights the higher probability zones using a multi-criteria strength engine, but also combines it with multi-timeframe trend analysis, previously confirmed swings and engulfing detecto. Advanced multi-currency and multi-time frame indicator that shows you simply by looking at one chart, every currency pair that is trending and the strongest and weakest currencies driving those trends.

For full details on how to use this indicator, please see user manual HERE. This indicator intelligently reads the price action of 28 currency pairs simultaneously i.

With this indicator, you can easily find the trend. How to apply it to you charts: Then you should add two more lines. Apply settings of 10 and this time. Once again, drag the indicator into the same windows and apply25 and Volume DeltaPanel is a very powerful indicator that read the supply on Market. The Volumes are added to price and normalized to symbol points. Its special structure allows you to get all Time Frames values available on the platform MT4.

Panel can show 28 instruments simultaneously all customizable according to the offer of the Broker. A good observation of this instrument can suggest grea.

Lighthouse is a support and resistance indicator. It displays the most important trading levels and draws them according to their relevance.

If a level is clearly broken, it changes its role and color. Support becomes resistance and vice versa. Follow this link and learn how to trade with my professional trading tools Key Features Automated adjustment to the underlying time frame Displays only significant support and resistance levels Immediate graphical response if a level is cle. The trend lines are formed first before the price of the pair reach it. So it does not repaint. Each line has a description, such as Support, Resistance, Current-Support as key breakout down, and Current-Resistance as a key breakout up.

Each broke out line turns into a new support. It is able to calculate the strength of single currencies and show them on a chart, so that you can see the trend and spot trading opportunities. The CSL Indicator will run calculations on all the 28 pairs, resulting in the overall strength across the market of individual currencies at any given moment.

You can use this data to spot currencies that are strong, getting. Market Profile defines a number of day types that can help the trader to determine market behaviour. Understanding the Value Area can give traders valuable insight into market direction and establish the higher odds trade.

It is an excellent addition to any system you may be using. Monster Harmonics Indicator is a harmonic pattern indicator. Projected patterns that are not yet completed are recognized, too. Users can add their own user defined patterns to Monster.

Besides the current pattern, Monster also shows all patterns in the symbols history. Monster will provide alerts for developing patterns. This indicator will detect harmonic patterns that are drawn on the chart by manual and automatic methods. You can see user manual from this link: You can use it to detect Gartley and Nenstar patterns: You can minimize it to have more space on chart and you can press cl.

The RSI Panel MTF indicator has been created in order to have the ability to monitor the values of the standard RSI indicator from a multitude of timeframes and symbols on a single chart, as well as to receive timely notifications about the trading opportunities using an audio signal or a notification. The indicator can output both the indicator values, and only the indicator signals confirmed and expected.

A user-friendly feature for selecting the required symbol has been implemented - simpl. The use of a polynomial expansion of data opens up new possibilities for analysis and decision making.

But the problem of all existing algorithms is a very slow computation. The main feature of this indicator is its fast algorithm. So this is a convenient algorithm for use without the need to apply supercomputers. Also, starting from version 1. This indicator visualizes the intersection of two moving averages. It has been created for visibility of signals and notification about intersections of Moving Average.

Moving Average is simply the averaged value of the price for the selected timeframe TF. Therefore, the moving averages are used on a wide variety of timeframes, from 1 minute to a year and even decades. Construction can be performed in various ways. What is displayed on the chart.

The horizontal volume profile for the specified timeframe is the Target parameter. Two horizontal volume profiles for the current and past period for example for the current and last day. Control Trading Intraday Zones shows the best candles-zones to trade intraday. Shows maximum of the day and minimum of the day zones, adaptable to each symbol, gives you a guide to know the best zones to make the best intraday trades.

Indicator goes from lowest of the day to highest of the day , when 0 is middle price of the day. For example, when price reaches high of the day the indicador will continue showing max levels even the price continue rising, because indicator limits t.

Control over the indicator is performed by changing only one parameter directly on the chart. Innovative and precise algorithm for plotting the ZigZag peaks. The "ProZZcom" indicator plots a graphical layout, which allows to quickly find the points for accurate entries and for placing short stop orders. It also predicts a possible flat in the early stages, shows the trend direction and correction in the wave, draws the round levels, draws the Fibonacci level lines. The indicator works on any ins.

The Time Session indicator offers a unique opportunity to mark the required time intervals on a trading chart. It will be useful for those who trade at certain hours and get confused when deciding whether or not it is time to start trading. The Time Session indicator will also be handy in backtesting, allowing you to monitor the chart behavior over the specified time period.

StartTimeSession - Session start time. EndTimeSession - Session end time. CountBars - Number of bars bas. The purpose of the indicator Statistical Predictor of Price SPP extracts necessary statistics from a large array of lower timeframes data.

This allows the indicator to 1 forecast the most probable price values on higher timeframes and 2 calculate the borders of the most probable intervals for them. All that is done in real time. SPP is suitable both for long-term traders and scalpers.

Operation principles and application The necessary statistics is found in the array of the lowest time. Gartley finder is an indicator for searching for Gartley Patterns. The search can be performed on 20 currency pairs and all timeframes simultaneously.

The indicator shows the targets for entering and exiting the market. It also features alerts and notifications to mobile devices, as well as automatic detection of the Gartley patterns of various sizes. The main characteristics of the indicator are listed below. This is a version for twenty currency pairs. The version for one pair can be found h. Follow a step-by-step system that detects the most powerful breakouts!

Discover market patterns that generate massive rewards based on a proven and tested strategy. Trade Setup Enter a signal if Success Rate is a. Target Geometry is a next-generation indicator that uses the geometric nature of the markets to give high statistical probability levels Fibonacci.

This indicator creates a very important map that optimizes the entry points and it optimally defines your own money management. The indicator can be used both in static mode or in dynamic mode, you can use it on any financial instrument. The use in multi timeframe mode is a very good ally to have. The indicator is equipped with a pop-up and aud. The indicator finds candlestick patterns based on Gregory L.

Timeless Techniques for Trading Stocks and Futures". If a pattern is detected, the indicator displays a message at a bar closure.

It recognizes the following patterns: The indicator automatically identifies the pattern on the chart. The indicator is able to monitor the formation of pattern in real time. It informs the trader when the pattern is completely formed when the price breaks the line in point 2 and displays the completed patterns in history. The patterns are never redrawn. The indicator can identify patterns on any instruments currency pairs, stock market, gold, etc. And during the news, some would move pips but some would only move pips?

This is the key to the newly developed "28 pairs" True Currency Strength Meter. This is a multi-currency author strategy, designed for trading on the M1, M5 and M15 timeframes. The detailed guide on how to use the indicator is provided in the blog: For the correct font in the Menu, please download and install the "Agency FB" font! TrendFollowerSR is the tool for traders who trade by following the current Trend!

TrendFollowerSR is really easy to use and to understand, so it is suitable for beginners and also for profess. Automatically receive alerts when price action touches or crosses over a trader defined moving average Push alert capability Email alert options On screen pop up options Configurable alert module Precision Alert Controls Traders can control: The minimum time be.

Ultimate Renko is a full implementation of a robust Renko style charting solution for MetaTrader 4. This all in one package provides all of the signals needed by day traders, scalpers and even long-term traders. You can apply all of the standard and custom indicators and technical studies as well as template. The indicator displays profile of different periods on one chart.

Minimum profile period is 15 minutes. The period of each next profile is twice the size of the previous one. The indicator displays volume accumulation areas on the chart to confirm r. This is a very comfortable tool to analyze the important price levels of the market. It calculates the support and resistance levels and automatically saves every important setting for every symbol and period!

With it's graphical interface, it is very easy to use! Please watch the YouTube video in HD. Please do not click "Free Demo"! MonsterDash Harmonic Indicator is a harmonic pattern dashboard. It recognizes all major patterns. MonsterDash is a dashboard that displays all detected patterns for all symbols and almost all timeframes in sortable and scrollable format. Users can add their own user defined patterns.

MonsterDash can open and update charts with the pattern found. Settings MonsterDash's default settings are good enough most of the time. Feel free to fine tune them to your needs. The color settings are for thos. Exiting a trade is equally important as entering! Exit Scope helps maximize your current trade profit and avoid turning winning trades to losers. Please watch presentation Click Here Features Generates instant exit signals based on price action, v.

Non-Repainting Indicator that sounds an alert for every price spike in any direction on period M1 to H1. You can use this indicator on any period from M1 to H1 without the need to configure any moving average period. Indicator Parameters Spike Alert - Set alert to true if you want to be notified by MT4 platform for each ordinary price spike. Same alert function since version 1.

Impulse Alert - Set alert to true if you want to be notified by MT4 platform for price spikes that occur 1. Blahtech Fisher Transform indicator is an oscillator that displays overbought and oversold locations on the chart.

The Fisher Transform algorithm transforms prices with any distribution shape into a normal distribution.