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They froze my account. I have transferred money unknowingly on those weekends and ran into issues.

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The money should be transferred to only those people the sender knows and the money sent has to be used for legal and personal purpose only. Xoom is a very modern company and provides transparency as far as rules, guidelines, fee structure, and money transfer process are concerned. Bottom line is that choices are limited for modes of transfer with Xoom, but if you want to send your money in a fast and secure manner, Xoom might be your answer.

Excellent service to the Philippines. Speedy accurate transfer at reasonable rates. I recommend Xoom for everyone who transfers money regularly. Convenient to use and convenient. Have been using it since and have had no problems. Very reliable provider and trustworthy, been with XOOM since 10 years for their valuable services. Everything went quite smooth except the operators in the banks in Russia did not know the name of the service One of the fastest and most inexpensive ways to send money abroad.

No issues so far. One of the easiest and surest way to transfer funds to India. I have used it for almost 6 years now and without a single problem. Every time I use it, the money arrives quickly and without problems, I have been used it for two years, highly recommendes.

Very easy to use, and fast delivery, have not had a bad experience in the last 3 years of use always recommend it. What's Good About Xoom: Only Xoom gives you the perfect combo of fast bank deposits and amazingly better exchange rates. Not available for all transaction amounts. We offer deposits within four hours to other bank accounts in India, when sent during Indian bank processing hours. Fees may be more when paying with a Debit Card or Credit Card.

Instant to 4 Hours. I've had a very good experience with this app. Have been using it since and have had no problems 0. Every time I use it, the money arrives quickly and without problems, I have been used it for two years, highly recommendes 2.

Very easy to use, and fast delivery, have not had a bad experience in the last 3 years of use always recommend it 1. Quick service and no hassle. I have been sending USD cash to family in the Philippines for almost 10 years, most of which has been sent through Xoom. The excuse I received over the phone when calling customer service was that "Many Xoom agents don't have the denominations on hand When I asked them to cancel the transaction they said the refund would take 4 to 5 business days and are unable to refund the processing charges.

Customer Care executive is trying to convince me that the funds have not been charged and are only on hold. He does not understand banking or is a complete moron. Till the time of writing this review and even after talking to the supervisor they do not understand the difference between funds paid by Credit or Debit Card. After a somewhat difficult setup process where addresses and names on various accounts had to match exactly, the ongoing service is very good.

It is quick and easy to send funds. And the conversion rate and fees seem reasonable. I recommend the service Money transfers to India from USA have been very smooth and very safe for me. Xoom has been part of my finance management since long time.

I have been using this service without thinking to send money across countries. I never had issues plus it has provided me service when needed above my expectations. Highly recommend to anyone. Did I say reliable? Yes, it is very reliable compare to other services out there. Plus, it is PayPal which is a reputable company that you can trust. Also, the app is one of the most well built apps that you can get for free. No single time that I had a problem sending money to my recipients.

Xoom is excellent and amazing service especially sending money to the Philippines. Great job Xoom service. Please continue your excellent service and Happy New Year to all the team working hard day and night to help individual like me, by sending money to my family and love ones. Congrats team for excellent and extra mile work, Good Job To whom it may concern. I come here every year. I have family here. I send money here 2 to 3 times a week. Dec I run out of money and I sent money here through Xoom and I was denied because I was out of the country.

They froze my account. I had to start a account with Moneygram to get money to help me survive. When I get back home I will call and file a complaint and cancel my account. My Overall experience with Xoom has been very good. Last year I had very bad customer service experience with them and I'm still dealing with losing ALL my information in the process. I still believe it could have been handled better But throughout the years of dealing with Xoom I have also encountered very good customer service.

In the end the good reps outweigh the few bad reps. I would definitely recommend XOOM to others! I recently had a problem with the deposit into an international account, and XOOM customer service promptly arranged for the return of the money to my account so the problem could be corrected.

It is really very convenient and super fast for international transferring. I sent some money to China via this service, and it arrives to a China bank account in couple hours. Happy to use xoom for all my money transfer needs. Xoom is the easiest way to send or transfer money. I will definitely recommend it to my family and friends. Thank you Xoom, keep up the good work. Ps excellent customer service. I give Xoom, from actual money transfer to customer services a 5-Star rating due to the easiness of app use, quick money transferring, and helpful and knowledgeable customer care and service.

So far, security has not yet been an issue. On the other hand, there had been about a few times that I had problems with my money transfer but things were sorted out on a timely manner every time. Please continue doing an excellent job Xoom family. As per RBI rules transactions will not be processed on 2nd and 4th weekend of every month.

I have transferred money unknowingly on those weekends and ran into issues. Strangely only a few Xoom customer support team members know by those rules. If Xoom can display a warning message for these kind of transactions will help customers.

Helps a lot when you have family living abroad. I use it often, and I have recommended it to friends several times. I send money for birthday gifts, and for paying bills.

I continued to work with Xoom in an attempt to resolve my inability to receive the requested funds transfer. Yet another Xoom representative said that my transaction could be expedited if I would send Xoom a copy of my bank statement. However, upon accessing my bank account, I found that only a small balance was available.

Reviewing the specific account information, I found that Xoom had already withdrawn the requested transfer days earlier. So in an attempt to determine why Xoom needed a copy of my bank statement when they had already debited my account days previously, I again called their call-center representative in the Philippines.

Unable to resolve this issue, I asked to speak with a supervisor. When I informed the supervisor of all relevant details, I was placed on hold. I was also informed that it would not be necessary for me to provide a copy of my bank statement, and that arrangements for transportation to Cebu City and for my bank to hold American currency in reserve for me would not have to be cancelled. Just to make sure everything was in order, I called Xoom again the next morning, at 5: Speaking with yet another supervisor, I was now told that regardless of what the previous supervisor had said, my transfer would not be available until January 3rd, Pacific date 4 January, Manila date.

So I don't have it, and they claim that they don't either. The supervisor was unable to explain how neither I nor Xoom could have the money. She also advised me yet again to provide a copy of my bank statement so that my transaction could be expedited. Since my funds are anticipated to be available within the next 24 hours or so, emailing a copy of my bank statement would be pointless.

The supervisor said that she was going to listen to the taped conversation I'd had with the previous supervisor the preceding afternoon. I hope that she did so, although that would not help me in this situation. In the meantime, I've cancelled my transportation to Cebu City, and when my bank opens, I'll call to cancel their reservation of American currency in my name.

In view of my recent experiences with Xoom, I shall not reschedule transportation or funds reservation until I receive the "Your funds are ready for pick-up" message from Xoom. Meanwhile, I'll start shopping around for another money transfer service. After dealing successfully with Xoom since , I now find that I may have to find an alternative money transfer service.

Xoom within the past few months has reduced the daily amount of money I can transfer, necessitating my making transfer on multiple dates.

Xoom representatives have indicated that this is due to some "security concerns"? I've been inconvenienced by this, but have been willing to comply. During the most recent attempt to transfer funds, I'm informed that because my transfer must be verified with my bank, the transfer will not take place until after approximately one week.

Normally, when I initiate a transfer, by the time I leave the Xoom website and return to my Gmail account, two messages are already posted by Xoom.

The first would indicate the initiation of the transfer, and the second would indicate that the money was ready for pick-up.