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View the basic USDCAD=X stock chart on Yahoo Finance. Change the date range, chart type and compare USD/CAD against other companies.

First of all you have to clear in your mind that how much amount do you want to convert or how much money will you be going to require in other country. An error occurred submitting your form. While Canada benefits from higher oil prices, Japan's economy can suffer because it imports nearly all of the oil it consumes.

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CAD - Canadian Dollar. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Canada Dollar exchange rate is the USD to CAD rate. The currency code for Dollars is CAD, and the currency symbol is $.

Initially the American dollar was almost similar to the look or value of Spanish dollar which was being used widely in Spanish America from Kate 16th century to the 19th century and in , first dollar coin was issued in the United States which was almost similar to the Spanish dollar in size and composition both was minted in Mexico and Peru.

In a dutch new Netherland colony of New York, the lion dollar is very popular and it is being circulated throughout the English colonies in around 17th century and 18th century and due to the non-distinguishable design, the lion dollar was also known as the dog dollar. The first definition of US dollar was given by the Coinage Act in around in which states that the dollar is based on the Spanish milled dollar. The previous currency of United States was not able to exhibit the faces of the president which is now in the customs and till now according to law, the portrait of any deceased individual can appear on the currency of United States.

The newly formed government of United States is completely against the portrait of leaders on currency and so now the currency which we see today do not get the faces of leaders.

There are lots of historical changes which has been occurred in the history of US dollar and Canadian dollar , the rate of 1 USD to cad dollar gets continuously increased or decreased on which the share marketers want to have an eye over for getting proper information, therefore, we are also sharing a list of historical recent changes in the 1 USD to cad so have a look on the below table this will help you a lot.

So, this was the above table of exchange rate cad to USD from September to November and this rate goes on changing with date and time on which the value of exchange rate depends. It has been said that the forecast of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar will get the rise in and the pound Sterling will rise in rest of , albeit has shown a steadier or upward path.

Due to the uncertainty, future of North American free trade agreement NAFTA is being turned into a bigger drag over the cad which we can not anticipate. In the starting of year, the Canadian dollar was underperformed against all other currencies of different countries, this review has been given by the Elias handed who is a senior currency strategist in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

The president Donald Trump is also expecting a formal announcement on the imports of steel and aluminum as Canada is one of the largest suppliers of steel and aluminum to the United States.

It has been forecast by Haddad and the team of Commonwealth bank that Canadian dollar is showing a steady rise in rest of as the USD to cad chart is slower and shallow as compared to early implicated projections. This all indicated the loss of 4. The Commonwealth has also been implied forecast that the rate of a pound will get fall down from the 1. Although we know that these rates go on for the change simultaneously so before calculating you should always look for the current conversion rate.

As the US dollar and Canadian dollar are the most used currencies in the world and the conversion for both of these currencies is also very important you can convert them from banks but before going there it is good to first have a manual calculation and getting an approximate idea how much money will you be going to get after conversion.

We have also told you earlier that the current value for 1 US dollar to Canadian dollar is 1. Either you are living in any of the countries and planning a visit to Canada then you will definitely require changing your currency and if you are an American native and visiting Canada for any purpose then you will need to convert USD to cad so, it is a best idea on converting or having an estimated idea that how much cash will you be going to get after making an exchange and also there is one more benefit that if you are going to exchange your money and you already know that exact amount after exchange then you will save yourself from getting charged more fees which is not reasonable and you are now able to calculate your loss and can easily choose the best method if you plan everything in advance, not on the last moment.

This will be a very smart move that you know in advance how much foreign currency will you be going to have after an exchange and this will also save you from a lot of unnecessary trouble. The first method is known as the online calculation and the second method is of manual calculation do not worry we will tell you about both of these methods in detail with proper explanation:.

First of all, you have to look for the best up to date online converter, there are lots of websites which will do so or you will also get one on our website with the current conversion rate so these websites are the best place of converting your currency.

If you are not sure about the current exchange rate of us dollar to Canadian dollar then you are also having an option of contacting to the department of treasury or to any other governmental agency which will give you the latest information about the exchange rate.

Now , after getting proper information what you have to do is open the particular website which you found and their you will see two boxes one with Canadian dollar and other box with us dollar from any of these box you have to put the amount which you wanted to convert like if you wanted to convert 2 us dollar into canadian dollar then you have to put the value of 2 in box of us dollar and then click on the button of convert or OK and if on the other hand you wanted to convert 2 Canadian dollars into US dollar then put this value of 2 in the box of Canadian dollar and press the button of convert you will get your result within seconds.

If you wanted to convert us dollar into Canadiann dollar you have to do only two steps. Similarly, you can calculate this value or exchange rate for any amount whichever you want it is all up to your requirement. It is very simple to do this just follow the below provided simple and easy steps:.

First of all you have to clear in your mind that how much amount do you want to convert or how much money will you be going to require in other country. Now , after getting the proper idea or amount you have to go online and look for the current value of exchange rate like as the current value for the us dollar to Canadian dollar is 1.

Now , at last we have to only calculate the amount for the money which we wanted to convert. For converting your amount what you have to do is first of all take the amount which you wanted to convert like the conversion amount is USD which you wanted to convert in Canadian dollar.

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