The Bürgenstock is a mountain in Switzerland located partway along the shore of Lake Lucerne. Bürgenstock is also a resort located at m a.s.l. on the same mountain. The lookout point at the summit of the Bürgenstock, the Hemmetschwand, offers an extensive view, for the mountain is almost entirely surrounded by Lake Lucerne. The small resort Bürgenstock can be reached by a road as well .

The nearest point of higher elevation is northeast of the Buochserhorn.

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Over time, the slave actually loses its overview, Miss Athena like the game wonderfully. Deutsche Dominas — Stock und Peitsche am Kreuz. The name Bürgenstock appears on sheet of the Siegfried Map and dates back to Around , the designation Bürgenstock established itself as a general colloquial term for the entire mountain ridge, from Stansstad in the West to "Untere Nase" in the East. A corresponding entry in the "Geographischen Lexikon der Schweiz" Geographical Dictionary of Switzerland can be found in In the Swiss maps of our days, the name Bürgenstock designates the mountain ridge — with the term Hammetschwand as alternative — as well as the location of the hotel and residential complex.

Bürgenstock as a geographical name can be found twice in the official Swiss index of cities and towns. The northern slope drops very steeply into the lake. On and at the bottom of the southern slope is the township of Ennetbürgen ; Stansstad is situated at the bottom of the western end.

For the most part, the mountain belongs to the municipality of Ennetbürgen in the canton of Nidwalden. The western part belongs to the municipality of Stansstad.

A part of the northern steep drop into the lake is an exclave of the city of Lucerne and is called Bürgenberg aka citizen's mountain. Geologically, the Bürgenstock belongs to the foothills of the Pilatus and the Helvetic border chain. The rocks are from the Cretaceous and Tertiary. Below the Hammetschwand, the following layers can be distinguished on the north side: Above this there is a transgression of Assilina Greensand and Nummulitic limestone of the Lutetian age, which is found mainly on the southern downward slope with its gentler incline.

During the last ice age , the Bürgenstock was completely covered by an ice stream flowing from the Gotthard into the foothills of the Alps. Abrasion marks left by the ice on the limestone are found including in the highest altitudes. Large granite boulders which were transported by the ice from the Gotthard, are distributed over the whole mountain, as for example an 18 m3 large, round specimen on a steep slope on the Allwägli land reserve, which in was placed under protection.

After the regression of the ice, the Bürgenstock was at first an island in Lake Lucerne. In the course of a few thousand years, however, the Engelberger Aa River filled up the area between the Engelberger valley entrance and the Bürgenstock with sediments, creating today's flat valley between the townships Ennetbürgen, Buochs, Stans and Stansstad.

Home to a number of luxury hotels and a conference centre, the Bürgenstock has been a popular holiday and conferencing destination since Also located on the Bürgenstock is Europe 's tallest outdoor lift: A protection plan is in place for the Bürgenstock to safeguard its testimony to Switzerland's post- Second World War tourism heritage.

Alongside the Grand Hotel and Palace Hotel, this comprises numerous smaller buildings erected in the s and s. Regierungsrat and the municipality's government sought successfully to preserve the historical buildings by establishing a committee mandated with developing a master plan to place the buildings under heritage protection.

The historical weather station has since been relocated to a different site. The Grand Hotel, the oldest establishment in the Bürgenstock Resort, has undergone partial demolition, although its facade is now being rebuilt to match the original and the interior features a new, up-to-date room layout. From a historical perspective, it was deemed important that the Bürgenstock resort should continue to make its presence felt within the Lake Lucerne region through its distinctive silhouette, and be kept as an ensemble of buildings.

The company named its new hotel venture "Bürgenstock". The railway commenced operations in , as did the hotel's own water supply. That same year saw the opening of the Park Hotel. The Bürgenstock Chapel dates from The Palace Hotel opened in , and a number of villas emerged east of it between and The Hammetschwand Lift was inaugurated in Friedrich Frey-Fürst bought the Bürgenstock hotels in The period to saw the three hotels subjected to thoroughgoing renovations and the golf course opened in Friedrich Frey-Fürst died in , at which point his son Fritz Frey took charge under whose direction various structural and infrastructural changes were made.

During his tenure and that of his family, celebrities including actors Sophia Loren , Audrey Hepburn and Sean Connery and politicians such as Jimmy Carter and Henry Kissinger stayed as guests at the hotels. There followed a new concept under manager Bruno H. Katara Hospitality, a subsidiary of the Qatar Investment Authority — the State of Qatar's sovereign wealth fund — became the new investor in Since , 72 of the 74 building licences applied for have been issued and more than CHF million invested.

The Hotel Honegg has been renovated and reopened in The cornerstone of the new Bürgenstock Resort was laid on 26 March The resort opens in and will operate all year round.

Elements of the Bürgenstock Resort have remained open throughout the period of construction. At the beginning of , the parties involved in South Sudan's civil war signed the Bürgenstock Agreement on the Bürgenstock.

In spring , Bürgenstock was site to negotiations between Turkish and Greek Cypriots on the issue of accession to the EU. The 19th century Bürgenstock Chapel is located in immediate vicinity of the hotels and at the beginning of the cliff path on the Bürgenstock.

It is still owned by the former hotelier family Frey who left their mark on the Bürgenstock hotels from to , as well as the non-profit Frey-Fürst Foundation. The Bürgenstock Chapel is a replica of the chapel of St. Jost which lies on the slopes of the Bürgenstock Mountain on the territory of the township of Ennetbürgen and is the oldest Gothic sanctuary in the Swiss canton of Nidwaldens. Among other things, she had an ornate wooden, polychrome Gothic ceiling reproduced in detail in the chapel.

Further elements of interior design and decoration are also replicas from the 17th century and are from different churches in Switzerland. The sculpture "Dance of Death" by the Swiss sculptor Hans Jörg Limbach is located directly next to the chapel. The rich cultural tradition established in the 19th and 20th centuries on the Bürgenstock is continued today by several private and independent cultural organisations:.