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In Pardubice, the Towel Day celebrations start at There's a whole program but we haven't been able to translate it. If you can read Czech, take a look at the Facebook event In Plzen, starting at There will be Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters! They meet from As it is on a Friday they expect more people and more activities than last year. Last year they held a BBQ in a lovely park, it lasted around 12 hours and gathered around 30 people!

We will try to contact other Towel Day events around the world and, possibly, nearby spacecraft. Library users are encouraged to do the same, as there will be a raffle for all towel-wearing library users. If enough people turn up there may be a quiz.

Theirs might be the first and oldest ongoing bad poetry night on Towel Day, they started in Their poetry night is not a competition. The poems will be churned out by the audience on the spot. The texts will be recited aloud immediately. No reviews, no judges, no competition, no tomorrow!

The half an hour long poetry shows begin at 19 o'clock and repeat every hour until 23 o'clock. At midnight you are welcome to participate in the competition for The Worst Universe Creation Story in the History of the Universe including necessary time before the birth of cosmos, if applicable.

The prizes include petunias, whales, masses of brainless followers, and beer. The one man 8-bit synthesizer assembly line euroSIDious will provide musical background for the evening. The Towel Day veteran attendees of Turun yliopiston tieteiskulttuurikabinetti Tutka ry The Science Culture Cabinet of Turku University - Tutka association will have a bad poetry workshop in Cosmic, beginning already at 6 o'clock, and they will act as the judges for the Universe Creation Story competition.

Bring your towel with you, dull your pen and let your large intestine throttle your brain. The towel will also give you a discount on Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters.

While waiting for the t-day, The Finnish Towel Day site will be publishing daily horrible poems dug up from the last year's archive, and introducing Towel Day activities around the globe. More info and contact: They'll play science fiction games and have a SF quizz. Entrance free for members, 2 euro for non-members.

La serviette la plus originale gagnera un cocktail et un jeu! You will have the chance to compete in the traditional disciplines throwing, running Competition will be quite hard this year, as many champions from previous years will be participating.

Please make sure to be there before Towel Day celebrations will continue nearby with an after starting at Their splendid restaurant 2 floors, seating for 50 will welcome you and the kitchen will be ready to provide you with their specialties burgers, kebabs, etc. Don't hesitate to bring your favourite games, so other people can discover them! It's going to be a pleasant day with great people and It starts at Aditionally, the youth representative of the city of Backnang invites you for a mutual exchange.

Tell your opinion and get a drink on the house! Alcoholic drinks are excluded. So get your towel and go crazy! Once again there it involves a Space drink mixing contest , aboard the crashed space-station. More In Esslingen, Die Partei, a satirical party, demands the 25th of May to be made an official holiday: Come along and make your contribution by signing our petition.

Taste the unique Pangalactic Gargle Blaster and experience its effect! Bring your most beautiful towel , and let it compete in our beauty contest! With book signing - Douglas Adams signs your book!

Towel Throwing Championship - how far does your towel fly? The event starts at Things are going to happen if you make them happen. Don't forget your towel and lawn chair. Towels and bathrobes are encouraged. All blood donors also have the chance to win a jersey signed by him until next Friday. In Kiel, geocachers will meet from There's a lottery and a contest for the most beautiful towel. In Krefeld, geocachers will gather to remember the late Douglas Adams en talk about their common hobby.

Many of them have undoubtedly been inspired by the man. The journal will be open from There's place to park or land. Bring a towel and pose for the group picture! There is space for a maximum of 35 persons, so please indicate with how many people you're going to attend. If there are more registrations, a waiting list will be created. Non-towelers are charged the regular admission fee for planetarium shows. Paper towels or other provisional gear are not accepted. A limited supply of adequately designed "Don't-Panic-towels" is offered for sale in the planetarium.

However, no obligation to buy. In Verden, geocachers meet at Energy company Q1 is running a competition. If you reply to their post with your favourite quote from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, you could win a high quality towel j. This time they gather at Ady park and will probably read some Vogon poetry. Bring your party with you. The live stream on Facebook starts at 6pm. Audience participation is essential in the production of the highly sophisticated sound effects and to help the band with the theme tune.

All hoopy froods welcome. Towel essential, dressing gown optional. In Chianciano Terme, during Starcon , all visitors are invited to carry a towel on Friday. There will be a group picture and a surprise. Inside each box there is also an extra print in the risograph and on the back of each illustration there is a faithful description of the scene represented, taken from the original book.

The guide cover was designed and created by Senz'H. Happy hour from 19 Vogon poetry reading by Paolo Agrati, at Free entrance with Arci card. Paranoid androids are welcome. Bring your towel and enjoy "Quizzone improbabile", "Hamburger speciale" and "Cocktail galattici per autostoppisti"! It'll start at 5pm, they'll have snacks, travel food, drinks and tea, with some gifts for all towel-carrying travelers.

For the seventh year in a row, Esteban Cisneros, who teaches Spanish and Literature to seventh and ninth graders at the Albanta "University for Kids", organizes Towel Day celebrations. There will be Vogon poetry reading, towel carrying , a little garden party and they have been reading excerpts from the books since the week before.

Five of the Vogon poems were selected for publication at Mongo, a pop culture blog. Pictures can be found here. The organizer writes "Het is uiteraard het leukst als iedereen die komt daadwerkelijk een handdoek meeneemt. Please RSVP there's a limit of people and of course bring your towel! Location is Cafe Pardoen and it will start at The edition will feature: For truth, justice, freedom, reasonably priced love, and a hard boiled egg! A group picture will be taken.

Pawel, the organizer of the above geocaching event, works at a school in Ornontowice and may like two years ago run a competition for kids , with an award for the class that brings most towels and wears bathrobes. He even plans to wear one during lessons. In Warsaw, there's a geocaching event. During this first edition there will be talking , a group photo , etc.

This time no Vogon poetry singing contest, longest towel competition, Babel fish use, watching the extended version of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with footnotes by the authors, Ford Prefect and probably Don't forget to carry a towel! Location TBA depending on weather forecast.

The top 3 winning teams will get cash prizes. The lucky draw prize is The Infinity Gauntlet! Each attendee will also get a funko pop doorgift. They celebrate Towel Day because they really love Douglas Adams and his special sense of humour. On Towel Day, they present: Competition on their Instagram - 2 fans who write their most favourite quote from any sci-fi or fantasy book will be rewarded with exclusive Hitchhikers "Don't panic!

A group photo will be taken during a collective attempt to hitchhike a ride on a space ship put those thumbs high in the air!

Here's a picture taken in the studio. The basic rules are: Each game consists of several rounds and should be played by at least two players if and then they are different persons.

The first player tells any cultural reference containing any positive integer eg. They will put up informative posters about Towel Day, proposed science fiction books as the theme of the month , and on Towel Day the librarians will bring a towel. There will be a raffle for library users. Last year the prize was a towel and this year there will be an umbrella too. Very useful for the hitchhiker either closed such as cane, crutch, stick, club, skewer, sword, pole to keep the balance on a tightrope, extra long finger to hitchhike Do join if you feel like it.

In Gävle, "Gefle Science-Fiction" will meet up at the local water hole, a. Recitation of vogon poetry are optional, beer and peanuts and towels! All while waiting for the world to end. The Bishops Arms are to be found at: Everyone is welcome and visitors are of course encouraged to wear a towel. They start at The evening contains high points such as dinner , a Hitchhiker's quiz , an art exhibition and information about our nerd-themed study groups and lectures.

They also have Örebros own comic book library with them this evening, to offer easy access to Hitchhiker's-related literature and other nerdy book stuff! This event is part of an platform they call "Nördkultur" that regularly holds study groups and lectures on subjects like super heroes, table top and science fiction novels. Entrance is free, FC, casual dress-code is welcome.

Do not forget your towel today! TowelDay" Highgate Cemetery, where Douglas Adams' ashes were buried , is aware of Towel Day, and will welcome visitors who come to pay their respects to Douglas Adams, who is buried in the East Cemetery.

Open 10am to 5pm, last entry 4. Finish at Arlington Avenue around Swagger down to the Star of Kings, 5 minutes from Kings Cross, for a celebration of all things Hitch-hiker, in memory of Douglas Adams. If in doubt, simply wear a dressing gown, or bring a towel! Or for more inspiration, email merchandise zz9. If you bring your towel you get a free drink.

They have an Arthur Dent mannequin and doing a selfie with him and tagging the pub on instagram gets prizes , etc. Lots of other fun stuff too.

In diesen Fällen, ist es nicht nötig ein Wallet anzulegen, da hier nicht mit der Währung gehandelt wird, sondern wie beschrieben nur der Kurs der Währung beobachtet wird. Es ist möglich Stellar Lumens bei Bitfinex zu kaufen und gegen Euro zu handeln.

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