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This work also confirmed that near failure the number of registered acoustic emission events increases significantly. The aim of this work is to verify the adequacy of this process for the safety assessment of elements evidencing crack damage by monitoring the propagation of shear cracks. The proposed SHM system consists of a smart diagnostic film and a wireless passive impact detection system.

The diagnostic film includes embedded sensors and wiring networks. The diagnostic film is flexible and can adapt to any shape and geometry; the wires are inkjet-printed into a protective layer and connected to a wireless diagnostic system. The impact detection system is designed to be low-power, energy-efficient with a processing system to run feature extraction algorithms to optimize the transfer of data back to the host machine wirelessly.

Both the diagnostic film and the wireless impact detection unit are implemented and tested, showing the practicability of this combination in aircraft CBM applications. Close The electrical resistivity is a property able to evaluate the ease of penetration of chlorides and carbon dioxide in portland cement composites.

In this way, studies on the useful life of reinforced concrete are increasingly addressing electrical resistivity as a parameter of durability. Existing researches shows that the microstructure of concrete affects directly its electrical resistivity. However, there are few studies on the resistivity behavior during cure.

This study aims to analyze the evolution of resistivity along the curing of two concretes with different water cement ratios. Two mixtures of specimens were produced for the study: Specimens were submitted to water submerged curing and their surface electrical resistivity measurements were obtained at periodic intervals 3, 7, 14 and 28 days with a four-point Wenner probe method.

The bulk resistivity was obtained with a two-point uniaxial method after 3, 7 and 14 days of cure. Close Different grades of electric steel may appear side by side at the stage of production and repair of transformers.

The magnetic parameters of electric steels are also very sensitive to residual stresses and overheating. A handy method to verify the steel grade and the direction of anisotropy is needed. The article presents the impedance method. The described methods are a complement to the standardized control methods i. The theoretical basis of the NDT method is presented. Then, the results of impedance tests carried out on 5 different samples are presented. It has been presented that the impedance measurements of the material might be used in non-destructive tests to quickly and cheaply evaluate the microstructure quality e.

Close Assurance of safe operation and maintenance of vertical and horizontal transportation systems skip hoists, belt conveyor flights is a main task for NDT specialists in mining engineering. An active and a passive methods of magnetic non-destructive testing are described in the paper. The active MRT method which uses a strong magnetic field and is a basic method in examination of ferromagnetic ropes is presented. Negative aspects of the MRT method are identified: In the paper there are presented: It has been pointed out that sensitivity and resolution of contemporary triaxle magnetometers enable to reliably detect magnetic anomalies in magnetic signatures of stranded and compact ropes without the necessity of their magnetization.

Therefore, it is reasonable to apply both methods in order to increase reliability of examinations. Close Solid axle is one of typical fatigable parts in the train that need to be inspected periodically. Due to the limitation of conventional inspection technique, inspection efficiency is still low when the axle is mounted on the train.

In this paper, combined with the characteristic of axle maintenance in China, an automatic phased array ultrasonic inspection solution for mounted solid axle is given for improving inspection efficiency and optimizing beam coverage. Comparing to the conventional method, the inspection time can be reduced from around 20 minutes to less than 2 minutes per axle. Blind area that varies with the height difference between wheel seat and dust guard seat can also be reduced by stimulating skip beam with specific laws from end face.

Some practical cases are given in the end for further explanation. Close Conventional ultrasonic flaw detection can easily inspect defects in rail head and web during service. By contrast, defect detection of rail base is still a challenge because web obstructs the sound path. The guided waves are cross-sectional resonances traveling in the waveguide and appear multimodal and dispersive.

The dispersions are more complex in real rails since different worn conditions frequently result in varying cross sections. This work presents experimental and analytical investigations on guided wave detection of rail base defects. The guided waves transmitted by an acoustic probe of kHz are recorded by an air-coupled ultrasonic ACU sensor in B-scan over the region between transmitter and defects. Elastic guided waves are inherently scattered from the defects in the regions below the rail head.

The scattering signals are generally very small compared to the forward propagation. A spatio-temporal directional filter is used to decompose the forward and backward propagating signals from the total waveforms of B-scan.

The backscattered field could be in the form of either bulk waves or guided modes depending on the distance from defects to the receivers. The natures of both forward and backscattered guided modes can be identified through the measured B-scan images and dispersive spectrograms.

The backscatter coefficient defined by the ratio of reflected wave amplitude to that of forward propagation indicates defect size and severity. Close The present work deals with the development of a low cost smart sensing system based on eddy current technique for real-time defect detection and identification in high speed drawn wires. It is capable of working at harsh industrial environment while providing immediate feedback on product quality during production - even at high speeds.

The sensing system works on the principle of eddy current EC wherein the variation of impedance of the sensing coil causes a sharp change as defect occurs in the part to be inspected. The electronics is embedded in an enclosure which can be placed away from the drawing line and the sensor which is placed in the line of wire drawing is connected through a coaxial cable.

Software runs in the PC that can be placed at the operator's end and the real-time data access through internet is included in the system. Incorporation of remote sensing and control facility through customized software that includes smart surveillance and real time data access through internet of things IOT etc. Performance evaluation of the system has been carried out and validated through several field trials at site.

One unit of the system has already been installed at one of the wire mills in India machine no. Close Detection of residual stresses is carried out with an asymmetrical inductive probe and the LDC evm transducer. The result is presented in the paper.

A metal sheet was tested, steel-grade M, with dimensions equivalent to A4 format. Bezieht sich der triangulare GD indes auf eine ungerade Periodenlänge, also z.

Je kleiner die Einstellung im Durchschnitt bzw. Sofern sich hier demnach ein Signal nur durch den Schlusskurs ergibt, wird zunächst die Entwicklung der nachfolgenden Börsensitzung abgewartet. Weitere Filter können u. Eine notwendige charttechnische Bestätigung, also ein Ausbruch des Basistitels aus dem vorherrschenden Tradingbereich.

Weit verbreitet ist hier das System von Richard Donchian , der einen 5-Tages-Durchschnitt mit einem Tages-Durchschnitt kombinierte jeweils einfach gleitend.

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