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LSL - Lesotho Loti. Pfund in Omanischen Rial. Is it impossible to trade them now? The new peso was worth of the previous pesos.

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Pfund in Kanadische Dollar. Pfund in Chilenischer Peso. Pfund in RMB - Yuan. Pfund in Kolumbianischer Peso. Pfund in Costa Rica Colon. Pfund in Kubanischen Peso. Pfund in Tschechische Krone. Pfund in Djiboutian Franc. Pfund in Dänische Krone. Pfund in Dominikanischer Peso. Pfund in Algerische Dinar. Pfund in Ägyptisches Pfund. Pfund in Georgische Lari. Pfund in Ghana Cedi. Pfund in Gambian Dalasi. Pfund in Guinea Franc. Pfund in Guatemaltekischen Quetzal. Pfund in Honduranische Lempira.

Pfund in Haitianischen Gourde. Pfund in Indonesische Rupiah. Pfund in Indische Rupie. Pfund in Irakische Dinar. Pfund in Iranischer Rial. Pfund in Isländische Kronen. Pfund in Jordanischer Dinar. Pfund in Japanischer Yen. Pfund in Kambodschanischen Riel. Pfund in Südkoreanischer Won. Pfund in Lao Kip. Pfund in Libanesisches Pfund.

NGN - Nigerianische Naira. NOK - Norwegische Krone. NPR - Nepalesische Rupie. OMR - Omanischen Rial. PAB - Panamaischen Balboa. PHP - Philippinischer Peso. PKR - Pakistanische Rupie. PYG - Paraguay Guarani. QAR - Qatari Riyal. RON - Rumänischer Leu. RSD - Serbischer Dinar. RWF - Rwandan Franc. SDG - Sudanesische Pfund. SEK - Schwedische Krone. SOS - Somalischer Schilling. SYP - Syrische Pfund. SZL - Swazi Lilangeni.

TND - Tunesischer Dinar. UAH - Ukrainische Griwna. UYU - Uruguayischer Peso. UZS - Usbekische Som. VEF - Venezolanischen Bolivar. VND - Vietnamesische Dong. VUV - Vanuatu Vatu. XCD - Ostkaribischer Dollar. What are the chances of the old currency being reinstated at the current exchange rate? It seems unfair for those people whose inheritance Money their family worked hard to save. I would hate for that to happen in the U.

I have two paso coins, one dated and one I also have a paso coin dated Are they worth anything, where can I cash them? I would like to know is it worth anything and where do I go in Detroit Michigan to get a currency exchange. I have a paper bill with in the corner dos mil pesos justo sierra on it march how much is it worth? I have a peso note date I heard in the are not worth anything Since Mexico currency was changed, Is that True?

I have dos mil pesos bill with the date of 28 MAR and want to know if it is still good and how much it is worth and also where to go to exchange. I have pesos serie PC, it has the following numbers on it S can this be exchanged for american currency? I have an Cien Mil Pesos it got on it.. For all the people that have Mexican money of and back, i want to tell you that they can be changed but only in Mexican Banks. In the word "New" was dropped for only to be "Peso" A Cent - 5 U.

Cent Peso Coin - 20 Mex. Cent - 2 U. Cent - 1 U. Cent 5 Peso N. I have a un mil pesos from July 19, and a 10, diez mil pesos from about the same time but with no date. What is the value of these bills. We are coming to Mexico on Friday, march 2, Date stamped with an M with a small letter above it looking like an 'o' or the greek letter omnicron. What's the coin's MXN exchange value and private collector's value? Pagara un mil pesos a la vista al portador dated july 19, juana de Asbaje A and the other one is j mexico D.

I just sold a bunch of antique PESO coins that were solid gold. I can't believe they were worthless. I figured the gold would be worth something. I guess Mexican gold isn't worth anything. Although they took my Peso note to send "Downtown" to be converted into U.

Dollars to be deposited to our checking account. I asked specifically, before driving clear out there, if there could be any trouble with the date, and was told NO!